Left Handed Analogies

I am left handed, and this difference in myself has been one that I have thought about a great deal. I tend to notice the handedness of other people, and I often try to figure out how this difference has made me a different person in other respects. I have stumbled across two other differences in people that are similar in many ways to left-handedness. I should clarify that being left handed does not necessarily mean that you cannot use your right hand. Many people cannot use their opposite hand well at all, but some people have great dexterity in both hands although they favor one. A very small percentage of the population is actually 50/50 ambidextrous. Dexterity in each hand seems somewhat independent.

About 15% of the population is left handed, and about 5% of the population is homosexual. We have not discovered what makes people one or the other, but it does seem clear that neither is a choice. I discovered I was left handed as soon as I started using my hands. Homosexual people discover their sexuality as soon as they discover sexuality. Homosexuality is not the opposite of heterosexuality, but instead its compliment. As most people can be dexterous with both hands but favor one, most people are attracted to both genders but favor one. There are very few 50/50 bisexuals. Apparently men are slightly more likely to be left handed, and women are slightly more likely to be closer to bisexuality. There was a time when people in this country believed that left-handedness was a disease or a rebellious statement. Now, fortunately, we realize that being left handed is perfectly normal for those people that are, and we have been willing to elect two left-handed presidents in a row. In many other countries, people have yet to reach this enlightenment. People in this country are slowly beginning to realize that homosexuality is not a disease or a rebellious statement, and we can only hope that it will soon be considered perfectly normal for those people that are.

There are some fundamental differences between men and women. Men tend to have stronger masculine traits than women, namely: aggression, social power, spatial relationship abilities, and viewing personal relationships in hierarchies. Women tend to have stronger feminine traits than men, namely: empathy, nurturing, social cohesion, and viewing personal relationships with equality. These traits are not opposites, they are compliments. If I could only use my left hand, and my right hand was totally incapable of action, I would be crippled. Equally, any person who lacks either masculine traits or feminine traits is crippled with being unable to deal with half of the world. Most people have traits of both genders, but favor the set belonging to their own. A few people can interact with society from either prospective, and a few people lack strength in either set of traits. Since I am male, I tend to have stronger masculine traits, but I treasure my feminine traits and the part of the world they open for me. I may be left handed, but my right hand is absolutely essential to me, as I type this with both hands.