Davenport Voter’s Guide, 2024 Maryland Democratic Primary Election

Voting day is Tuesday, May 14. Although you can vote in person, you should vote absentee. Now you can tell the Board of Elections to always send you an absentee ballot, rather than ask for it each year.

Voting Absentee: As you may know, your absentee ballot goes into a special envelope that the Board of Elections provides. As the instructions say, you must sign this envelope. The Board will receive your ballot, look your name up to make sure it’s the only ballot you’ve sent or voted, make sure it’s signed, and then they will take your ballot out and count it. Do not put your name or anything except your votes onto your ballot.

Endorsements and Guides of Interest

  • League of Women Voters. They have a cool feature where you can select your candidates and then they will email the filled-in ballot to you, so you can it print out and take it with you to the polls. You are not supposed to use your phone, but paper is allowed and encouraged.
  • Washington Post


President: Joe Biden

US Senator: David Trone. This is a two-person race, between Alsobrooks and Trone. Both are capable legislators, and we should be happy to have either. I pick Trone because he can beat Hogan. Jamie Raskin and the Washington Post both endorse Alsobrooks, although many top Democrats endorse Trone. Raskin thinks either can beat Hogan, but I am more certain of Trone in this. If Alsobrooks is the nominee, I’d be happy to have her as my senator.

Representative: Jamie Raskin. Let’s hope he becomes speaker of the house.

Judge of the Circuit Court Circuit 6: Marylin Pierre, only. Every election she tried to unseat one of the four judges selected by committee. She’d be a great judge.

Delegates to the DNC: All but Lisa Smith. It’s just a dumb way to vote for Biden again.

We vote for Board of Education members for all districts, regardless of which one you live in. It’s kinda silly. I take my opinions from Peter Hammond, who works for Blair High School and is closer to the Montgomery County School Board than I am. Conveniently, each of these candidates is the last candidate alphabetically in each race.

Board of Education At Large: Rita Montoya

Board of Education District 2: Natalie Zimmerman

Board of Education District 4: Laura Stewart