Sidereal Confluence Advanced Colonies


Species that get a free colony at the start of the game are given an original random colony.

For the first colony bidding round, use original colonies.

For the second and third colony bidding rounds, use the B colonies.

For the fourth and fifth colony bidding rounds, use the C colonies.

Discarded colonies go to the bottom of their specific decks.

Special Colonies

Many colonies give a one-time bonus on colonization or on being terraformed.  They have no white arrows, but instead have a box of resources with a dark gray background.

Y’golonac and Gla’aki and Xa’ligha all have two terrain types and can be used as worlds of either type.  All switch to the other two terrain types when terraformed.

Barren worlds cannot be consumed by anyone, with the exception of the Unity for creating computer worlds.

Some C colonies have a ring, indicating that they require two colony support each.  To upgrade those colonies, you must consume a different colony of any non-barren terrain type.

Caylion Plutocracy Effects

When the Caylion colonizes a world that gives a one-time bonus, that bonus is doubled.  If a Caylion colony is terraformed and provides another one-time bonus, that bonus is also doubled.

As in the original rules, if a Caylion colonized world has a factory that requires input, it may be run once or twice.  Equally, the terraforming cost of a Caylion colonized world is not doubled.

Caylion Collaborative Effects

Hyperspace Consortium takes colonies from the same deck as being used for bidding that round.  In  games with many players a deck may run out of cards, in which case take colonies from the earlier deck.  If the Hyperspace Consortium project is not triggered, discard the colonies and refresh them.

Charity Syndicate Effects

When an Epoch B colony with a Cross Colonization Token is taken, the Charity picks any small cube color shown on the colony, even in the input, upgrade, or the terraformed side, and takes it from the supply.  This is in addition to the normal action of upgrading a starting card.  For Epoch C colonies, do the same, but take a large cube shown on the colony.

When an Epoch C colony with a Cross Colonization Token is discarded, the Charity earns two points instead of the normal one point.

Kjasjakikalimm Independent Nations Effects

Just like other of their colony resources, any taken as a one-time bonus from a colony become donation resources. 


Worlds are named after gods and heroes from different cultures/mythos:

  • Desert – Indian
  • Ice – Norse
  • Swamp – Mayan
  • Water – Chinese
  • Multiple – Cthulhu