Game Doctors

We have designed several published games, and we have learned that most game ideas are terrible. About 90% of game ideas that make it as far as creating a prototype to play test it are abandon, some immediately, some after much work. To make a good game not only takes a good core idea, but also testing, redesign, changes, and more testing. After years of doing such work, we’re really good at fixing our own designs, separating bad designs from good designs, and analyzing what designs are worth saving and how.

If you are a game designer and want to publish a game, you will be sinking a lot of time, money, and pride into your design. We have seen so many published games that just need a little tweak to make them go from being good games to being great games, and we have all seen published games that will never be good, no matter how they are changed. We offer our services as experienced game doctors to you for a small fee. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Before we established ourselves as game design professionals, we have done game analysis for other designers for free, or have done work on already published games that would have been better with a few changes. Some of this analysis is discussed below.

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