Most popular pages

The two most popular pages on this site are How To Solve the 5x5x5 Rubik’s Cube, and 20 Reasons Not to Have Children and 10 Reasons to Have Children, in that order.

The first page I wrote a long time ago when I was trying to solve the cube, got stuck, went online to find a solution, and came up empty handed.  So when I eventually figured it out, or at least figured out a solution that was not too difficult to do, I posted it.

The second page I wrote even longer ago, inspired by a conversation I had with a friend discussing why anyone would have children.  He said, “give me ten reasons not to have kids.”  Eventually, I came up with twenty, but could only come up with ten reasons to have them anyway.  That’s not to say that every reason has even weight.  I myself have a daughter, and have no regrets about having her.  But for many of the twenty reasons, I stopped at one child.  I must admit that I’m encouraged to see how many people come to see this page from a Google search where they asked “why have kids?”  I think people should have children only if they and their partners think it’s a really good idea and they have some clue about what they are getting into.  Any reason less than strong enthusiasm and motivation is insufficient, in my opinion.  Strangely, people don’t ask for my permission before reproducing.