Game Box Questions

The game box poses five questions without answers, but here are some.

What did a psychiatrist say to a potato?
“Get off my couch and live a little!”
“All those eyes, and you still can’t see what a miserable spud you are.”
“Stop staring at me!”

Why does a duck love a zombie?
It’s the first thing it saw after it hatched.
Ducks have no brains, so zombies aren’t threatening to them.
Zombies rarely use down pillows.
When a zombie eats Chinese, it doesn’t eat duck, it eats the Chinese.
Ducks think that zombies are cute.
Because it’s a dead duck.
Because a zombie is finger licking good.

What’s the difference between a millionaire and a goldfish?
I’d rather swallow the goldfish.
If you take away the goldfish’s money, it won’t cry.
When the fish got its gold, it did not became an arrogant bastard.

What happened when a lawyer went on a blind date with a cow?
“You looked much better in your picture,” said the cow.

What’s the punch line of the old joke about a skunk and a rocket scientist?
I thought it was a cat! What do you think I am, a rocket… oh yeah.
They can’t smell your spray in space.
And the moral is, “Beware the rocket with a racing stripe!”