Davenport Voter’s Guide, 2022 Maryland Democratic Primary Election

Voting day, July 19th. Although you can vote in person, you should vote absentee.

Voting Absentee: As you may know, your absentee ballot goes into a special envelope that the Board of Elections provides. As the instructions say, you must sign this envelope. The Board will receive your ballot, look your name up to make sure it’s the only ballot you’ve sent or voted, make sure it’s signed, and then they will take your ballot out and count it. Do not put your name or anything but your votes onto your ballot.

Endorsements and Guides of Interest

  • League of Women Voters and their print guide. They have a cool feature where you can select your candidates and then they will email them to you, so you can it print out and take it with you to the polls. You are not supposed to use your phone, but paper is allowed and encouraged.
  • Washington Post
  • Baltimore Sun


Governor: Tom Perez. There are lots of candidates, but this is really a three-way race between Franchot, Perez, and Moore. I like all three candidates for different reasons. The Baltimore Sun endorses Tom Perez, as does the Washington Post.

Comptroller: Brooke Lierman. The Post endorses Lierman, as does the Sun. Both candidates are good.

Attorney General: Katie O’Malley. The Post endorses O’Malley, as does the Sun. She has loads of experience in Maryland law and has always been on the right side of history.

Senator: Chris Van Hollen should be reelected.

Representative: Jamie Raskin is awesome. He should be reelected.

State Senator: Susan Lee is unopposed. There are no write-in candidates in Maryland primaries, so fill in the bubble for her if you feel like using up some pencil lead.

House of Delegates: Kelly, Korman, and Love are unopposed. More pencil lead.

County Executive: David Blair. The Post endorses David Blair, as does Lisa Norwalk.

County Council At Large: Gabe Albornoz, Evan Glass, Tom Hucker and Brandy Brooks. The Post endorses a different set of four, feel free to read their opinion.

County Council District 1: Andrew Friedson is unopposed. You may be in a different district than me. The Washington Post endorsements are reasonable.

Judge of the Circuit Court Circuit 6: Although you can vote for 4, please just vote for Maylin Pierre. The sitting judges were originally selected for their political connections, not their judicial skills. I know how people normally vote for these offices, and if her name was Maylin Apierre, she’d win.

State’s Attorney: reelect John McCarthy. The Post endorses John McCarthy, and he has an excellent track record.

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Karen Bushell. She’s the current deputy clerk, and very effective.

Register of Wills: Joseph Griffin is unopposed.

Sheriff: Maxwell Uy.

Democratic Central Committee At Large: Tazeen Ahmad, Sarah Brand, Ilhan Cagri, Raju Mahajan, Andrew Saundry, Michael Tardif, Michelle Whittaker, and Peter Witzler.

Democratic Central Committee District 16: Jim Michaels and Teresa Saavedra Woorman.

We vote for Board of Education members for all districts, regardless of which one you live in. It’s kinda silly. A good discussion of these candidates in Bethesda Magazine.

Board of Education At Large: Domenic Giandomenico. Karla Sivestre is the incumbent. (Discussion)

Board of Education District 1: Esther Wells (Discussion)

Board of Education District 3: Scott Joftus (Discussion)

Board of Education District 5: Brenda Wolff (Discussion)