Davenport Voter’s Guide, 2020 Maryland Primary

Voting day, June 2nd. Although you can vote in person, you should vote absentee.

Endorsements and Guides of Interest:

President: Yes, we know it will be Joe Biden, and I’ll vote for him in November. But I’m picking Bernie Sanders in June.

Representative, District 8: Reelect Jamie Raskin

Judge of the Circuit Court, Circuit 6: pick 4. I find Marylin Pierre to be a refreshing and capable challenger, and I encourage you to vote just for her and none of the others. The incumbents are Berry, Boynton, Foleman, and McAuliffe, and they mainly got their jobs by knowing the people that appoint judges, not by being voted in or by merit.

Female Delegates: This is a very complicated way to vote for president again. Olsen, Rostoum, Li, Mora.

Male Delegates: Muehlenkamp, Diaz, Moreno, Berry-Drobnich

Board of Education At Large: Sunil Dasgupta has been working with the schools as a teacher, PTA leader, and planning advisor. He understands the Montgomery County schools and its challenges well, and there are many challenges coming. His list of endorsements is long, and I recommend you vote for him. Please avoid Austin, who is well financed and well crazy.

Board of Education District 4: Evans is the incumbent, and should be reelected.

That’s it! In November we will have a much longer ballot, with lots of other races and ballot questions to consider. And I hope you will do absentee ballots forever after this.