Davenport Voter’s Guide: 2018 General Election

Voting day November 6th

  • You do not need id to vote. They will ask you name, address, and birthday. That’s all.
  • You are not allowed to take an electronic device with you to vote, but you are allowed to take paper, so print this out.
  • I recommend voting absentee, which you can do here until 10/30. Then there are no lines at all, and you can vote anytime.
  • Also consider early voting.
  • All polling places are busy in the morning. After 10 am there will rarely be lines. We’ll be open until 8pm.

´╗┐Where to vote in Montgomery County: 777vote.org

Endorsements and guides of interest:

Governor: Ben Jealous. He’s smart and gets things done. I know many liberals kinda like our current governor. Is is because he survived cancer, which he only told us about after he was elected? Is it because he’s not the worst Republican in the state? I don’t get it myself. As you’ll see below, I am not voting for any Republicans.

Comptroller: Peter Franchot deserves to be reelected.

Attorney General: Brian Frosh deserves to be reelected.

Senator: Ben Cardin deserves to be reelected.

Representative, District 8: Jamie Raskin deserves to be reelected.

State Senator, District 16: Susan Lee deserves to be reelected.

House of Delegates District 16: Kelly, Korman, and Love. Kelly and Korman should be reelected. Love will do well.

County Executive: Marc Elrich. I wanted Blair, but Elrich will be fine. Ficker is insane. Floreen has reasons to be considered, but we cannot let Ficker get close at all.

Montgomery County Council at Large: Albornoz, Glass, Jawando, Riemer. Three of the four I recommended in the primary.

County Council District 1: Friedson

Judge of the Circuit Court, Circuit 6: Bonifant, Cho, Cummins, Dwyer, Hessler, Lease, Schweitzer. The incumbents.

Judge Beachley of Special Appeals Continuance: Yes

Judge Fader of Special Appeals Continuance: Yes

State’s Attorney: McCarthy has no opponent. So vote for me, “James Davenport”. I’m curious how many votes I’ll get.

Clerk of Circuit Court: Meiklejohn has no opponent.

Register of Wills: Griffin

Sheriff: Popkin

In Montgomery County we get to vote on all school districts, including the ones we are not in.

Board of Education District At Large: Reiley

Board of Education District 1: Docca

Board of Education District 3: O’Neill

Board of Education District 5: Wolff has no opponent


Question 1: Forces Maryland to earmark all casino money to primary schools. I recommend Against. I do not see a need to force governments to abandon judgement. And if they wanted to give less money to the schools, they would do so easily even with this amendment.

Question 2: Register and vote on election day. I strongly recommend For! It will be more work for us election judges, but it will get more people voting.

Question A: Changes the redistricting membership to be more representative and less political. I mildly recommend For.

Question B: The damn Ficker amendment. Please vote Against.

Question C: Allows councilmembers to have whomever they want as aides, without competing the positions. I mildly recommend Against.

If I’ve missed anything, or you want to discuss any of these further with me, write to me at elections at brightest bulb dot net.