Davenport Voter’s Guide: 2018 Democratic Primary

Voting day June 26th

  • You are not allowed to take an electronic device with you to vote, but you are allowed to take paper, so print this out.
  • All polling places are busy in the morning. After 10am there will rarely be lines. We’ll be open until 8pm. Of course, I recommend voting absentee, which you can do here until 6/19. Then there are no lines at all, and you can vote anytime.
  • If you are registered independent, that’s fine but you’ll not be allowed to vote in nearly any contests in June. You can change parties anytime before 6/5.

´╗┐Where to vote in Montgomery County: 777vote.org

Endorsements and guides of interest:

There’s an unusually large number of candidates in this election, so let’s get to it.

Governor: Ben Jealous. He’s smart and gets things done. I like Rushern Baker, but he does not support Marijuana legalization.

Senator: Ben Cardin deserves to be reelected.

Representative: Jamie Raskin deserves to be reelected.

House of Delegates District 16: Kelly, Korman, and Paul. Kelly and Korman should be reelected. Peter Hammond specifically asked me to consider putting Mr. Paul on my list, noting him as a smart and capable teacher who would be a great representative. I already had Mr. Paul on the list anyway.

House of Delegates District 20: I’m not in District 20, but my friend Stephanie is, and she strongly recommends Darian Unger.

County Executive: David Blair. Many people have strong opinions about this:

Montgomery County Council at Large: Riemer, Glass, Jawando, Wilhelm. Yes, there are 33 candidates, and you get to pick four this time.

County Council District 1: McGee

Judge of the Circuit Court, Circuit 6: Bonifant, Cho, Cummins, Dwyer, Hessler, Lease, Schweitzer. I’m not thrilled with the non-incumbent, Pierre, so I’m voting for the incumbents.

Clerk of Circuit Court: Bowser.

Democratic Central Committee Female: Goldman, Mapes, Mgwafon, Stephenson

Democratic Central Committee Male: Anderson, Chappell, Goldberg, Kunes

Democratic Central Committee Female District 16: Wolek

Democratic Central Committee Male District 16: Cooper

In Montgomery County we get to vote on all school districts, including the ones we are not in.

Board of Education District At Large: Reiley

Board of Education District 3: O’Neill

Lastly, take a look at Trump-a-dump.

If I’ve missed anything, or you want to discuss any of these further with me, write to me at elections at brightest bulb dot net.