Mobius Corpse

A creative writing activity for three or more players.

Give everyone a long strip of paper.  8″ x 3″ is about right.  Give everyone a writing implement.

  1. Fold the paper the short way, putting the fold an the bottom.
  2. Write a sentence at the top of the page.  Remember what you wrote.
  3. Turn the paper over, now having the fold at the bottom.
  4. Pass the paper to the person on the left.
  5. Receive a piece of paper from the person on the right, keeping the fold at the top.
  6. Rewrite the exact same sentence on the bottom of the page.
  7. Pass the paper to the person on the left.
  8. Receive yet another piece of paper from the person on the right.
  9. Open it up.  You’ll have two sentences written by two different people, one at the top of the page, one at the bottom.
  10. Write as much or little as you need between these sentences that will make the whole story make sense.  Be creative.  Be funny.
  11. When everyone is done, ask someone to start reading.  That person reads everything on their page.  As will be obvious, go clockwise around having everyone read what they wrote, leaving off the first sentence on your page, since the previous person will have already read that.
  12. Enjoy the circular story.

We find that it works best to suggest a theme, so that the story is not too disjointed.  If you have no theme, you probably need a bigger piece of paper.