Innovation Deluxe Card Racks, Take Two

My second attempt at creating a laser cut box. This is for Innovation Deluxe, which is a great game but comes in a box with no way of organizing the five decks it contains. Most people just put the cards on the table in ten stacks, and if they play all four expansions, that’s 50 stacks of cards. And you need a fair amount of room for your own tableau as well. My solution makes the game take much less table space when played. It keeps the cards organized in the box and keeps them from getting disorganized if you turn the box over. Further, although I do not sleeve my cards, this works with sleeved cards.

Here are two of the six identical racks, with cards for storage, and without cards. Note that the first slot is wider because deck 1 has 15 cards, and the other nine have 10 cards. The divider is just to keep the cards from shifting around in the box.

rack with and without cards

When two decks are closed up:

rack with stored cards

Also included are four replacements for the player mats. They are raised up with a center divider, so score cards can be slid in under the left, achievements under the right, and thus foreshadows and artifacts can be above and below, or on top. Since foreshadows are often examined, putting them under the mat seems inconvenient.

replacement player mat

Here is the full set of all cards, ready for play, with the achievements (and relics) in front.

full layout

Here is the box fully loaded. Note that I made the player mats exactly 1/4″ too tall, and that if shorter they would be the height of the boxes. There’s still enough room for the rules on top, but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing.

cards in box

Design notes:

  • My tabs have a loose fit and needed to be glued. Broken Token boxes have a much tighter fit, and I did not attempt to fix my design to be tighter.
  • I should have said “Artifact” not “Artifacts” on the bottom of the mats. There is never more than one.
  • If you decide to use the “Innovation” text on the middle of the mats, you’d want to check with Chris Cieslik, the publisher. He’s fine with it, just email me about it.
  • I don’t know what to do with extra space in the box. The racks could be made 1/4″ wider still, so that the player mats would fit snuggly in two layers of two, but I don’t know if that’s helpful or not. One could also make a current player token, which is turned one way to show “first action” and upside down to show “second action”, but that seems a bit of overkill.
  • This is my second attempt. The first works fine, but I thought it could be improved. It’s here.
  • I made the parts so that you could not accidentally turn a part around, so the front and the back of the box are not the same. But I accidentally made a corner that has no wood on it. I could fix that.
  • If Broken Token tells me what size is used for their laser printer, and gives me direction on how to make my joints a tight fit, I’ll do the third draft of design for them.

These are SVG files with everything I used. I printed on 1/8″ plywood birch.

Page one and page two.