Donnie Darko

When I watched Donnie Darko, it inspired me to write these few pages. Donnie is guided by several people who help him with his inevitable travel back in time to where he can have a wonderful death, and thus ensure that his girlfriend and Frank do not die, ensure that the school does not get flooded and Mrs. Pomeroy does not get fired, and even that Cherita is happier for reasons that are never made clear. Almost every character in the film guides him on his path. At the end of the film, Donnie completely accepts his role as Gretchen’s protector and lays down his life to return her to life as well. It’s a nice touch that earlier in the film, his father talks about how he knew a guy who died as a teenager and how that guy seemed doomed, as it foreshadows Donnie’s doom. A well done film with interesting characters which starts out feeling like a stupid thriller but soon becomes far more interesting.

My only complaint is that the science fiction presented in Grandma Death’s book is not cohesive and completely arbitrary. As a suspense movie about interesting characters, it’s enjoyable. As a science fiction film, it sucks.